Chocolate as a superfood

Posted on April 18, 2014

With the holiday coming up for many, figured it's the perfect time to talk about one of my favorite foods...Chocolate!

Let’s begin with a pop quiz. True or False?:

Health-wise, eating a milk chocolate bar is the same as eating a chocolate bar with 70% dark chocolate.
If you answered false, you’re right! 

Most chocolate you see (like those well known brands) are so loaded with added sugar, fat, trans fats, and preservatives that it’s a distant relative of its original ingredient—cacao—and completely lacking any healthful properties.

Here's a crazy fact for you: Americans consume in the ballpark of 12 pounds of chocolate per person per year!

Safe to guess, you like chocolate too?

Below are my two healthy go-to options to satisfy that chocolate fix:

  • Choose dark chocolate with 70% or more cocoa or cacao content.  (this in moderation is a more healthful option)
  • To derive the ultimate superfood benefits, you’ll want to stick with eating cacao.

What Is Cacao?

Long enjoyed for its invigorating properties in South America, and grown in tropical areas, cacao is the raw, unprocessed form of chocolate.

2 Delicious Recipes to Green Up your St. Patty's Day!

Posted on March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'll tell you this one really snuck up on me. I think partially because this weather has been so nutty. Can you believe only 4 days until Spring! It can't come soon enough. Warmer weather, lighter clothes, and getting my kids out of the house every day are some of the things I'm most looking forward to. 

I wanted to share two quick recipes you can make this St. Patty’s Day that’ are delicious and of course healthy! Hope you like them. :)

Lucky Shamrock Pancakes
This recipe uses spinach to make the green coloring of the pancakes. Great way to get some greens in your (and your kids) diet and you can't even taste the spinach! 

Got Energy? Simple nutrition tips to help super moms keep up with their busy lives.

Posted on October 5, 2011

 "The world belongs to those with the most energy." - Alexis De Tocqueville

Are there days when it seems that your children are the ones with all the energy and yes the world does belong to them? From the minute you wake, you’re running on all cylinders, constantly multi-tasking at home and at work. As a mom your job is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. By 3 O’clock your engine has completely fizzled and you’re looking to anything for that quick energy boost.  Sound familiar? Before you pick up that Red Bull or the package of processed chemicalized junk from the vending machine, why not try something that is filling, satisfying, and nutritious?

Here's a list of whole, nutritious foods that will keep your body full and energized, so that your kids aren’t the only ones who have the fuel to take on the world.

Staples for Lasting Energy

  1. Breakfast. You can’t take on the day if your engine doesn’t have any fuel to run on. 
  2. Water. Aim for eight, 8 oz. glasses a day. Hydration is key to keep your body functioning properly.
  3. Don’t go more then 4 hours without eating. Eating many small meals and snacks throughout the day is healthy for maintaining energy levels and optimal weight.

Great on The Go